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These are stories that have appeared in my "History She Wrote column" in the Dayton Daily News or a book titled "A Hike Through History" that I wrote for Third Graders.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Wounded Survivors

This true story took place in what is now the state of Ohio. My article about it appeared in a Christian magazine called Power for Today

Wounded Survivors
BIBLE THOUGHT: “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfil the law of Christ.” (Galatians
6:2, NAS)
In the early years of the Northwest Territory seventy armed men were lured into an Indian
ambush. Half of their number were quickly killed. Most of the remaining managed to escape.
Two days later two wounded survivors stumbled across each other on the now silent battle field.
One man had broken both arms while the other had two shattered legs. Alone, they had little
chance of survival. Together, they could provide for each other’s needs.
The man with functioning arms dressed their wounds. The one with working legs chased game
towards the other who shot it. Dead game and wood were kicked by one fellow to the other who
built a fire, cooked the food, and fed both of them. One man placed his hat in the teeth of the
other who waded into a nearby river and plunged his head under the surface. He returned the
water filled hat to his companion. Together they survived for six weeks until their wounds had
healed and they could make their way home.
As a community of believers we are all wounded survivors of this world. Each of us have
suffered our personal hurts and effects of sin. Individually, we are handicapped but together we
can provide for each others’ needs. God gave us fellow Christians so that we can support each
other until we make our way home to heaven.
Hymn: Blest Be the Tie
Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us fellow Christians to help us with our woundedness. In
the name of Christ. Amen


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I'm enjoying being able to stay in touch with your gentle writing voice via this site. I hope you keep writing and sharing your special gifts and insights with your many readers. I'll be reading along as you do.
--John Ettorre

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